Privacy Policy


The registration process is to create a — USERNAME ID and PASSWORD for your account. During this process we require a Business Documentation such as a seller’s permit, business license, etc. We will use this information to verify whether you are a legitimate retailer or not. Make sure you use a legal business name, email address and contact information. We use this information to contact the users for orders, new products and services.



With the requested information, No Vacancy will notify the customers for orders processing or pending, authorization form requests, ready to ship, shipped, or canceled orders. Once a customer makes an order, they have to fill out the credit card authorization form if the credit card has never been used at


Cookies is using both a cookies and session ID. “A cookie is a small piece of text stored on a user’s computer by a website. Session ID is a piece of data that is used in network communications (often over HTTP) to identify a session, a series of related message exchanges” by Wikipedia. does not use cookies for privacy information and session ID’s, but for the customer’s privacy because cookies remain even if the customer disconnects from the internet. However, the Session ID will be terminated.


Updates through E-mail

We send new members a welcoming email to verify their Username ID and Password. Established members from may use the same Username ID and Password. Every User will receive information on products, services, special deals, and newsletters.


Customer Service

Our customer service hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM . PST.



We understand the importance of your security and we do everything to protect our users information. For security reasons, you will not be able to make an order without logging in. However, since we are using a Session ID, the general information will be open for viewing to the public without having to log in. Please note that your log-in will be terminated if you close the website.


Update Information

Customers can update their information in the “My account” tab if there is any information that must be changed.

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