About Us

NO VACANCY consists of 3 words: Unique, High Quality, and Casual. Our clothing can be worn casually, or dressed up if you want, and at the same time be unique and different from other brands. We put effort into providing quality into our styles and fabric to give you the confidence of looking your best! Thanks for stopping by!

Hello All our valued customers!
Thank you very much for your help and support all the time:)
For the holiday season, We would like to inform you that your order will be delayed from Christmas eve 24th of December 2021 to 3rd of January 2022 (12/24/2021~1/3/2022)
Hope you take care over the holiday and see you soon!




1100 Crocker st. Unit#403-405 , Los Angeles, CA 90021
Email: info@novacancystyle.com
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